So, this was going around the Facebook.  Here is some real information.

As you can see the poster relies on a complete lack of conception of the importance of dose and also relies on assuming a substance with an “icky” source or other associations (like being used in anti-freeze) automatically makes that substance bad for you.  Classic B.S. really – run of the mill ridiculousness that has the power to lead to the suffering and death of children.

However much I would love to do some comparisons between the lead burden on your average Roman and the less than 25 micrograms (0.000025 grams) of mercury in the multiple dose N1H1 vaccine, a more interesting conversation was sparked in the comments of my friend’s facebook.

Emotional Ammo.

Here is one of my comments from that conversation.

What I’ve noticed is when [some parents] “think and look” they don’t go to pubMed – they go to Mr. Mercola or other quacks that don’t even know that most Amish communities vaccinate and push anecdote after anecdote of suffering and vague incendiary accusations against what THEY perceive as the monolith (which it is not) of BIG PHARMA. I have not seen those types of tactics from the pro-immunization crowd for the most part, about the only thing that annoys me is insults against Jenny McCarthy because of her Playboy past – though, I can imagine that they (as I have) are pulling their hair trying to figure out how you can possibly get your message across in all the noise.

See – I noticed something once my children had medical problems. I now had a extremely potent emotional weapon to use. I could use it against people, and it didn’t matter what I said – anyone standing against me immediately looks like a jerk. Many mothers [parents] are going to immediately side with me simply out of identifying with me and not whomever I am attacking.

I see this used as a weapon ALL THE TIME – and I’m sorry, but your personal experience, however real and meaningful to you – does not matter in whether or not I am going to make medical decisions for my own children.

I watched an interview with Jenny McCarthy where she was confronted with the criticism that her “green vaccines” campaign was causing people to not vaccinate their children and that because of that trend children were not being vaccinated AT ALL and more outbreaks were occurring because of that. (She did this after brushing off being told that information she was giving about “mercury in vaccines” was incorrect.) She said – she didn’t care. If that is what it took for *them* to listen – that was alright by her. SERIOUSLY. That is what she said – and she did this after trotting around her son’s medical problems as emotional ammunition for half an hour.

Do you think she could have gotten away with that if the people she was talking to were not immunologists – stuffy looking older white men – but, say, a mother whose baby died of a measles? Every time Ms. McCarthy said that her “child died in front of her” after taking the vaccine due to having autistic symptoms – the other mother could look at her and say, “According to your latest book that netted you a great deal of money, your son is doing really well. Mine is ACTUALLY dead.

They are NOT playing the same game here.

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