A Youtube video-blogger that I subscribe to isn’t new to being threatened and harassed – for the sin of simply pointing out sexist tropes in geek media.

I don’t always agree with her, for example she really hated Sucker Punch.  Somehow I was able to voice my disagreement with her about Sucker Punch without calling her a “little shit bitch”.  (That quote is the extremely mild version.)

Yet some people can’t stop screaming insulting hateful things at her.  She has made a very public and deliberate decision to moderate the comments on her channel for that reason and makes no claim of her comment sections being open forums.

…but there’s more.

If anyone thinks for a moment that out-spoken feminists on the internet are just over-blowing taunts from a few attention-fetish trolls or that going to police is an effective way of dealing with threats (as the esteemed Thunderf00t did recently), send that person here:

Man disagrees with woman, makes game about punching her

And then ask, “So, how much of this bullshit are we supposed to lie down and take?”

I grew up in a small town where we were taught to turn the other cheek and tattle-tailing was social suicide – with an added boys will be boys attitude.

Do you know what ignoring the problem does?

I do.

So what do you suppose will happen if we teach everyone to ignore threats, silence and mock those who complain – with a trolls will be trolls attitude?

You’re seeing it now.

Update:  Anita Sarkeesian, the YouTube vlogger I mentioned earlier, did a TED talk about her experiences.