So, I have two “holistic healers” who are essentially naturopaths in my FB friends.  I periodically question some of the posts that they make.  One of them routinely shows appreciation for my contribution to the discussion even when I am a bit blunt and has, occasionally, said something to the effect of “Oh, I didn’t know that!  Thanks!”

The other one has recently messaged me privately to essentially shut me up after I challenged an infographic of the alkaline diet.  When I pointed out that lemons and limes were acidic, she pointed me to this video.  (To learn more about the alkaline diet, you can follow links from rationalwiki or regular wiki.)

She attempted to explain how a food (even an acidic food) can cause the body to become alkaline, “Marian, when you consume a food, what happens with that food IN YOUR BODY is what determines the outcome of your system being acidic or alkaline. That’s why the video points to the perceived oddness of an acidic fruit like a lemon being alkaline to the body after consumption. It’s like this: If food is challenged in digestion, primarily because it is unnatural and our bodies struggle to break it down, food chunks remain stuck in our digestive sytem and literally goes into putrification/decomposition IN THE BODY. This makes the body acidic.”

I responded, “No, it doesn’t. Whether or not a food is “unnatural” has nothing to do with whether or not it will easily be “broken down”. Rocks are all-natural. Stuff gets “stuck” in our digestive system because of lack of fiber (which ironically is the stuff that CAN’T be broken down) – and yes, it is really terrible if you don’t get enough fiber. Yes, if you have stuff stuck in your system it does start to essentially rot and grow bacteria (trust me, I know, I have a son born with a malformed lower digestive system). I don’t get it. I mean, if we ate foods based on how *easy* it was for our bodies to “break it down” we would be eating nothing but refined sugar.

I’m sorry, but it just seems a little strange. The charts point to foods that pretty much ALL mainstream nutritionists will tell you are healthy – full of fiber, vitamins, etc – and tell you are unhealthy – soda, juice, white bread – full of simple sugars, no fiber, etc. For whatever reason some alternate explanations are given for WHY the food is good for you or bad for you.

I’m not saying that NONE of the explanations presented have some truth to them – only that they don’t seem to completely make sense. No nutritionist thinks drinking tons of diet soda is awesome, and I think you are confusing “western” consumerism with mainstream nutrition. Because I distrust consumerism – I’m also reluctant to get my health information from anyone who is selling something.”

Now, to be fair, I did make another response to a post of hers – about synthetic cannabis – before she messaged me directly.

I know this is extremely long, and perhaps only the extremely bored will read it.  However, I think it is important (in fairness) not to edit this too much.  I do not say all the right things, and my spelling and grammar suck.  My apologies for that.

If you get anything out of reading this conversation – note her tactics.  She is right from the playbook.  She desperately attempts to turn the discussion onto me personally and accuses me of essentially being brainwashed by the establishment, points to her own authority instead of answering questions, and offers her services for a reduced rate as if she is giving me a gift by letting me give her money.  She mentions lawyers and says that I should be careful.  She even uses the old trick of constantly using my name.  Of course, the pinnacle of her manipulation is suggesting (based on very little evidence) that my child is going to have health problems without her help.

On some level it is a bit of fun, but she does have many patients and as far as I can tell, has a thriving business.  What is really unfortunate is that her form of “holistic healing” gives the very concept of treating the whole person a bad name.  Having two children with special needs and going through bizarre postpartum emotional and psychological problems, I absolutely personally understand the importance of treating a patient and their family as whole human beings with needs beyond the purely physical – in other words psychological health matters, social supports matter; and those who believe it matters are not limited (by a long shot) to holistic healers.  They do not have a monopoly on that, however much they imply that they do.

(M is me, B is de-indentified her)

Chat Conversation


hey, with all due respect to you, i’m wondering how much you REALLY know about medicine and health.i’m clear you have an education and some opinions, but do you REALLY know what you’re talking about?how much weight have you lost?how’s your health?

how’s your family’s health?

do you REALLY understand what you are promoting when you spout off about synthetic meds?

i encourage you to be very careful. i have attorneys in 2 different states that advise me on how i treat clients and use natural meds in integrative support with western medicine.

it seems you have a lot of opinions, but very little to substantiate much in reality. you take on subjects that seem very charged for you as a personal opinion, but with little to no training or experience.

can you please help me understand that?


Then educate me instead of telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about.


marian, i educate you every time i post.

but you go off at the mouth like a fire hydrant and do not listen.

you are fat. i know that.

your hips don’t lie.

instead of listening earnestly and weighing out what i tell you, you rebel.

uneducatedly and to your own deficit.

i am someone who could help you with what you and your son are dealing with. i’m sure you’ve run the list of how to help yourselves.


I am fat doesn’t tell me how eating lemons is going to make my urine alkaline or why “natural” foods “breakdown” easier in my body.


i am one of the people in the world who would have lost my health forever and possibly my son’s own life if i didn’t get educated.

no, but you won’t listen.

you don’t take input.

i work with 100 clients a month on their health

you are stubborn, just like many of them.

i’m happy to educate you

but you spout off and don’t listen

tell me what you know about medical cannabis


So, explain to me how eating a lime makes my bodily fluid alkaline.


tell me what you know about it’s forms, its variations and its cures in the states that are legally mandating its use.

you educate me for once. because you usually just make noise on my page.

i did explain it. you called it nonsense.


Because it was nonsense and you didn’t explain it.


so, apparently, hands-on knowledge and experience mean nothing compared to your “opinion”.

i explained it.

it’s outside your paradigm.

you won’t shift your paradigm.

therefore it remains a mystery to you.

i was you 15 years ago. so i get it.

the difference is, i sat with many people and kept my mouth shut, because they were obviously accurate. and i was not.

you are not accurate.

you are more than entitled to say your piece.

aren’t we all?

but, seriously? you just go off and shut down pieces of information that LITERALLY aid people in recovery of health every day without any knowledge of more?

that seems completely contradictory to your otherwise educated position.


What do you mean by “breaking down” food?




And why do natural foods “break down” easier than foods that have been processed in some way?


go google some stuff.

here’s the deal.

our diets are rampant with processed foods


I did – I found out that the alkaline diet has been proposed to cure cancer and the mechanism has something to do with creating “ash” in the body. I also know that some people who have relied on the diet to cure cancer are dead.


even when you eat a fresh fruit and vegetable anymore, they are FILLED – and i mean FILLED – with pesticides. some argue that we are not even receiving real fruits and vegetables anymore, as they are genetically modified lab experiments.


I found out that the diet and it’s mechanisms were proposed by an individual who wrote a book.


well, i can’t speak to those cases, because i was not advising them, but in all the years i’ve done this and known about it, we have had success on top of success.

i’m talking about you and me and the regular person walking around who are the next cancer patients in-waiting.

people with disease have to be handled with great care and expertise. i have a team of 6 people i work with when treating a cancer patient. they receive mental, emtional, physical and spiritual care.

here’s the deal, marian.

food putrifies in the body when it’s processed

it literally turns into a slop that is so disgusting, that it literally creates bugs (just like a trash bag outside in the heat gets maggots).


WHY would food putrify in the body if it is “processed” – which processes cause the food to have characteristics that would make it putrify?


those parasites eat away at the slop AND ourselves.

because it can’t move

it’s not broken down and digested


Why not?


if you put a tomato in the ground

and a subway sandwich in the ground

and come back in 10 days, what will you hav?

the tomato will have composted and gone back into the earth


FIBER is not broken down and digested and is the reason that poop goes out of your body, not the cause of it staying there.


the subway sandwich (if broken down much at all), will be chunky, in much of original form, molded, partially (minimally) composted.

no. real fiber moves poop out.

and it comes out too.

subway sandwiches, gatorade, burgers, cheese, potato chips and pop do not.

they get stuck.

they do not digest.

so we have pockets in our colon that are literally filled with undigested food.


YES – and so why would one thing that doesn’t “break down” in the body make poop NOT go out and something else that doesn’t “break down” make it go out?


i don’t get that question.


What processes of processed food cause this complete reversal?

You are saying that processed foods stay in your body and rot because they aren’t “broken down”.

However, other things that do not “break down” cause the opposite effect.


marian, stop using hypotheticals. why are you fat?

why do you have fat on your body?

why do you have ANY health problems, actually?


Why would that change your answer to my question?


because you like to play things distant

and i play them up close and personal


Because you don’t know.


i don’t keep things in a nice technological box of theories

i work hand in hand with people

see, you eat horrible food for your body.

so it’s trapped.

your cells are trapped and get no real nutrients.


You are not educating me by telling me I’m fat.


you are not flushing out the things that are trapped in your cells.

see what i mean?

shut down.


I asked you questions, you don’t know the answer, so instead of fussing up to not knowing you change the subject.


no opportunity for learning.

i’m not changing the subject, honey. i’m applying them to YOU.

who cares about theories.


Now stuff is trapped “in my cells” instead of my bowels?


you have kids to be alive and healthy for.

when you can apply it to yourself is when you’ll really learn.

your bowels ARE cells, marian.




but i can’t expect someone who studied music and new media to know that.

see what i mean?

immediately to dismissing me.




so here’s the thing, i work with people every day who have a hard time getting their head around a new paradigm. that’s totally natural.

but, really, unless you can respect that you have a professional across the table from you who is trained, personally-experienced, and knowledgable, you are just simply going to dismiss everything i say.

it’s sad, really. i am literally offering you help with what you clearly need help with. but somehow all you know how to do is be insulting.



You just said that my bowels were cells – as if I have a bunch of cells for a bowel instead of a channel through which my poo travels.


what is that channel made of?

what is skin made of?

what is your digestive flesh made of?


you are NOTHING but a world of cells.


It’s a CHANNEL – having something stuck within the channel is different than having it stuff INSIDE a cell that makes up that channel.


and until you know how to treat CELLS you will continue to have deficits in health, which will plague you physically, mentall and emotional.

no it’s not marian. and that’s why you are closed off to new information and real information that could aid you.

good luck to you.

i am a complete opening for people who want to learn, but i don’t jam myself down anyone’s throat.

if you ever want knowledge that is real and substantiated and proven daily in my practice, you are welcome to be in touch. otherwise, i won’t attempt to share anything with you directly. my interest is not a debate.


Apparently not.


apparently not what?


You aren’t interested in your notions being questioned by a debate.


i’m not interested in debate

and how can you even debate something you are obviously clueless about?


i mean really, you’re going to have a conversation about health?


with what information?


When I asked you questions – instead of answering them you mentioned that I was fat.


what you’ve been told by others?

give me a break.

i was trying to give you a real application, marian.

i’ve been fat my whole life. it has been with my own learning that i’ve healed my life.

if you don’t want that because you’ve got to fight, then save that for the people who know you and love you and want that same fight.


Yes – when I give my child an artificial laxative every day and he poops and without it he doesn’t – I’m imagining stuff.


i’m a healer. i heal people every day.

and why would your kid need a laxative?

is that because he is healthy? or not healthy?


So, am I imaging that?


why isn’t your kid healthy, marian?

sure, laxatives push poop out. you know how? by causing spasms in the digestive system. they convulse and squeeze and release because the body is not doing it naturally for some reason; usually due to diet.

but, did you know that there are naturally-based laxatives that can support elimination without the synthetic ingredients that WILL cause side effects?

but, again, why is your kid not healthy?


Does that have any relevance on whether or not your assertion that “artificial” things get stuck in your colon and “natural” things don’t?


yes, absolutely.

because prolonged use of synthetics in your kid, just like the prolonged use of synthetics in anyone, WILL cause problems.

so if i were you, i’d be interested.


You don’t even know what TYPE of laxative my child is taking.

Your irresponsible.


lol you already said it was not natural

you already said that, honey.

so, you keep doing to your kid whatever you want.


Your absolutely irresponsible.


and i will do what i do.

and i wish you much success taking care of your family.

if you ever need someone who will tell you the truth, NOT indulge you in commercialized health care, and help you gain knowledge that you can choose from to make your own best health plan, then by all means, let me know.

our ministry works on a sliding scale, so sometimes we even give free care when money is an issue.

we successfully treat cases of depression, anxiety, physical pain – even cancer and diabetes.


You just told me the mechanism by which my child’s laxative works – based on the information that it was “unnatural”. You are irresponsible.


all the best to you, marian. and all the best to your little one. i know the trying pains of caring for a sick child, especially in a world that makes us feel like our own hands are tied when wanting to just give our families the best.

no, that’s not what i said. to be clear. that is not what i said. but, again, you have failed to understand any of what i have shared only because you’re a fighter. must make your home life fun.

good day, marian.


So, what did you say?


god bless you and your family and may you find the paths that enable you to make the highest and best choices for your life.