I found a Sam Harris quote from one of his books here.

Why is Sam Harris assuming that women are f-ing stupid?  Seriously, the more I read what this guy writes the more I’m annoyed by the ways he frames his arguments.  It’s like whenever he needs an example he puts his arm in a bag labeled privilege full of chits labeled “male”, “light skinned”, “not Muslim”, “thin”, etc.

For the record, when someone (anyone) asks if an article of clothing “makes me look fat” zie means: “Does this article of clothing look bad because it accentuates the natural fatness that I think I have?” Whether that is true or not, the person is SAYING that zie thinks zie is fat.  The person does not need Sam Harris to say, “Yes, you are fat and that makes you unattractive regardless of what you wear.”

If the person asked, “Am I fat?”  You say, “Yes, you are overweight.”  You do not say, “You are thin.”  However, you also do not say, “Yes, you are fat and your body is disgusting to many people.  Obviously, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that is probably the reason that nobody has fallen in love with you.”

The reason you don’t say that is not just because it would hurt hir feelings, but because it hurts hir feelings for no reason.  It’s just cruel.

Some men like thin women?  Oh my goodness – stop the goddamn presses!  Sam Harris obviously has to point that out to his friend out of love because they have been living under a rock since the 18th century.  Is Sam so ignorant that he doesn’t realize that some men actually prefer heavier women? – that being fat does not make it impossible to marry, and in some respects makes it easier because you generally aren’t surrounded by douches that want to use you as a trophy-lay?

Does he not understand the psychology of making difficult lifestyle changes in order to be accepted and loved – the pathology of equating being liked with being physically attractive; and equating being physically attractive with being thin?  Of course not, why would he actually look into a topic beneath the surface before speaking his truth?  It’s obvious – and he knows it all already, right?

If not being awful to overweight and obese people does not come naturally to you, here is a quick guide to help you.

Well, Sam Harris, I’m not going to do the indignity of lying to you.  You present yourself in a way that makes you appear both ignorant and arrogant.  Many people find that combination extremely unattractive in a person.  I’m telling you this for your own good because I love you.  I hope you read this and take it in the spirit in which it was intended.