[This is a comment sparked by a conversation here.]

We’re going to differ a great deal on the nature of homosexuality (and probably on gender identity as well). I have very strong opinions about this subject – and tend to have a pretty strong emotional reaction to some of the stances made by those who don’t simply see homosexuality as a benign natural variation. I have looked into some of the literature and some of the stances of the anti-homosexuality crowd; but I’ll be perfectly honest. I’m not going to be swayed by any of that, simply because I have seen for myself, first hand, what the truth of the matter is.

I’d like to address the idea that, “And even materialists should see how it opposes the natural order.” Here is a link to a post about that: https://sinmantyx.wordpress.com/2011/12/29/science-is-not-on-my-side/

Science seeks to describe nature. Science is not prescriptive and it certainly has nothing to say about morality. (Sam Harris and I seem to disagree on this.)

As far as the opinion that homosexuals are more likely for x,y,z bad things and therefore homosexuality should be considered unhealthy or bad. There are several issues with that mode of thinking 1) It is denying the individuality of people, providing averages to characterize a heterogeneous group 2) It assumes that homosexuality is the cause 3) The evidence gathered is almost always prone to confirmation bias (For example, you mentioned HIV rates among gays but not among lesbians – because by that logic every women should be a lesbian to prevent HIV, abortion, and child abuse.) and 4) The whole process of presenting such evidence includes a disturbing amount of victim-blaming. (For example, transgender people have incredibly high suicide rates – over a third of all transgender people have attempted suicide. How society and their families treat them is a significant factor (although arguably not the only one) in that terrible statistic. When such a statistic is then used to justify actions that directly contribute to transgender suicides; it becomes a sort of sick self-fulfilling prophesy.)