This exchange is from the comments section of a conservative blog, written by a distant relative of mine.  The blog post was in defense of Voter ID laws.

Ron: “All of you read this:

When injustice becomes law, then Rebellion becomes duty!
~~~Thomas Jefferson

I think it is time we started to heed some of these wise quotes by the people who actually fought and founded this country rather than the soothsaying politically correct liberals of today…..regardless of who you are or what your ideas may be.”

Me: If you really want to say something pertinent to everyone “regardless of who you are or what your ideas may be” – you might want to avoid phrases like “soothsaying politically correct liberals”…

…especially when quoting Jefferson for goodness sakes. I mean, if you care what he says, you might want to write a note to Texas and tell them to quit writing him out of history because of his “liberal” views.

Ron: “Even if you did not like my usage of words….I hope you got my message or do I need to make it a lot clearer for you?”

Me: I think I understand what you mean. Just let me explain it back to you, to make sure that I’m getting it all.

If laws requiring photo IDs for voting are passed (that do not have the power to remedy most forms of voter fraud), and systems are not put in place to ensure that individuals are not essentially being made to pay to vote (by paying the fees for an ID) and that various groups of eligible voters that generally do not have up-to-day drivers’ licenses or other identification (such as the urban poor, the isolated rural poor and religious groups who are against revealing their face publically); and individuals attempting to vote are not put through an undo burden (such as waiting around for hours and possibly not being able to vote because the paperwork didn’t come through before the polls closed) – we should rebel against the establishment that would impose such laws; even if that establishment is the tyranny of the majority.

Oh wait no – you meant that if we don’t have laws that ask for drivers’ licenses because it might deter non-citizens from voting – even though they have to register to vote anyway, and their names and identities can be checked at that time instead of waiting until election day when sorting out problems such as that could result in eligible voters, non-randomly, being selected out of their right to vote. Then – we should totally rebel!

I’m just wondering if we should rebel against an establishment that purposefully funnels illegal immigrants through desolate regions where they are more likely to die of exposure and dehydration, as well as splitting up families that are deported (and other fun compassionate things) and creating a militarized boarder to “get tough on immigration” – a policy that has actually been shown to INCREASE illegal immigrant permanent residency since migrants no longer simply go back and forth due to work opportunities in the states, but stay in the U.S. when they get here because of the dangers associated with border crossing? You know – promoting a failed, expensive, unethical set of policies for the sole purpose of scoring political points with those who are willing to scape-goat “Mexicans” for every single economic and social problem imaginable instead of looking at themselves, their government, or anyone they consider peers?

I’m just wondering at what point you think we should rebel. I mean does a war with countless causalities, documented war-crimes, and a stated governmental endorsement of “enhanced interrogation” characterized by veteran intelligence agents as brutal idiocy prone to illicit false information —- that war whose rationale seemed to be changing weekly —– at what point should we rebel?

And no – these problems aren’t “evil conservatives” and “utopian liberals”. We can thank much of our immigration policy on Clinton – and I’m still annoyed that Bush didn’t get his immigration policy through, cause that’s ONE thing he actually knew how to tackle. However, he is completely responsible for essentially being duped into invading Iraq – and even more directly responsible for how he handled it and the actions of his cabinet.

What irritates me about what you said is that – HEY we should rebel if the laws are unjust so don’t listen to those hippie liberal commie bastard —– WHATEVER. If you really mean what you just said, you better have a better definition of what “just” is than some sort of conservative party line.

You take any issue and actually, seriously, look into it – discuss it – ponder the implications of it, dig into what’s really going on – you’ll get much more agreement in the U.S. than you see now.

It is in the best interests of those who actually are responsible for the injustices of government and private enterprise to allow a profound statement calling for rebelling against injustice even if it is codified in law – putting your life in danger as duty to a just society – to be given in the same post as a call to NOT LISTEN to THEM.  It is playing into the hands of those who would rather see the population segmented and playing politics like a football game than bothering to figure out what’s actually happening and to give two shits about who is actually suffering.

I hope that was clear, because I really sincerely want to know if you understood what you just said.