This is an interesting case – I find it ironic though, that this usually happens to atheist groups. The moment they put something up – all the sudden the whole thing is shut down. Pagans get this treatment all the time too. The moment a pagan group wants to have a school club – all the sudden nobody can.

It’s not an anti-Christian thing (although I don’t know what is “Christian” about being pro-life since the Bible never mentions abortion at all, and the Old Jewish Law explained in the Old Testament treats a fetus as the property of the husband of the mother whose price is the cost of a goat – but whatever floats your boat) or even an anti-atheist thing; it’s an anti-controversy thing. The people who maintain these areas, administrate schools and put ads on buses, etc, don’t want to deal with controversy because it’s simply unpleasant.

Everyone should just calm down and realize that in a free market place of ideas – you’re bound to be offended at some point. Unless the posting included grotesque material not suitable for the young-ones; they should have been allowed, and the court said as much. Then the people maintaining the sight, after dealing with the whole legal mess, washed their hands of the whole business of managing freedom of expression.

I don’t agree either, but it’s understandable.

The Daley Gator

The state of Wyoming has settled a dispute over Christian and pro-life speech in a pedestrian tunnel by ordering that no one again can display a message on the public property.

The case was brought by the on behalf of the organization.

The state admitted violating the U.S. Constitution by restricting the speech of a group in a forum that had carried numerous messages from the public. But it decided to resolve the issue by banning all public messages in the forum entirely, ADF said.

“Honoring free speech doesn’t come about by completely eliminating it,” said Jonathan Scruggs, who litigated the case along with ADF-allied attorney Nate Kellum.

“Although the [state] commissioners have done the right thing by recognizing that they violated the First Amendment rights of WyWatch members who simply wanted to display signs as others had been allowed to do, we disagree that the solution is to then…

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